The Funderdome

It's rare to get a creative brief where you literally build a brand and product from the ground up. But that's precisely what The Thought Police, myself and the talented Dan Jones and a collective of incredible clients and creatives have been doing for the past couple of years.

Collaborating with an awesome team at Hoyts, we were given a blank canvas to build out a home of unprofessional sport. A fictional historic sports club that sits in a nostalgic pre-internet era. A time where we'd play games for fun and friendship, not fame and fortune.

With all the earnestness of your favourite 80's film, The Funderdome brand draws you into a world that is 100% cynicism free and exploding with positivity. It was a conscious choice to make this concept appeal to broad audiences at different times, and be a place where it's impossible to take yourself seriously.

Creatively, we wanted every element to have an idea in it, a little win. This had us co-creating crazy golf holes, fictional founders, mascots, merch, distinct era specific sub-brands for Playas Crazy Golf, Boom Box Karaoke, Old and New School Arcades, The Clubhouse, even Fundersuds Beer.

Then we were entrusted to bring the marketing to life from strategy through to execution, even co-writing the Funderdome theme song.

This fun has been hard won and made only possible by an incredible collective effort of brilliant folk who pivoted in and out of lockdowns and restrictions, and literally made magic happen. Shout outs to our collective dream team, Sam Hodgeson, Terry Mann, Michelle Excell, Patrick Bennett, Ben McNamara, Damien Raggart and all who put their hearts and minds into this. And thank you to our amazing clients and collaborators at Hoyts led by Tyrone Dodds and Damian Keogh.

Ben Keenan & Dan Jones

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