Be intrepid

Thought Police co-created this campaign with the internal creative department of Intrepid Travel. In a series of strategic workshops, we unearthed the insight that a place can’t be Intrepid, only a person can. With this insight we told stories of how to travel, new experiences, and better ways to operate adventure travel tours. This was a time where Donald Trump was shutting borders and Brexit was showing that there are many people who are closed to new experiences. By showing Intrepid are for those who want to be open and empathetic to people and the planet, we could tell genuine stories of travel, experiences and connection. Creative director / Director / Writer: Ben Keenan. Production: Betty Wants In / Ben McNamara, Head of Intrepid Creative: Lucy Piper, Head of Video: Liam Neal, Head of Design: Stewart Miles.

Be Intrepid : Meet Becky

Inclusion and gender equality is a core principle of the Intrepid Travel company. In a series of workshops we unearthed one of the most heartwarming examples. East Africa’s first female overland truck driver. We traveled to Kenya to tell Becky’s story, and how the East Africa head office valued talent and tenacity above everything else.

Be Intrepid : Why we stopped riding elephants

It’s noble to try and fix an industry-wide problem, but even more noble to admit that you were one of the reasons the practice became so widespread in the first place.

In this documentary short, Intrepid Travel Co-founder Geoff Manchester admits to hosting trips to Thailand where Elephant rides were part of the must have experience. Only to later fund research that demonstrated the suffering animals endure in the tourism industry.

This film, launched on World Elephant Day, became the number one story on Reddit, and invited other tour operators to end elephant riding for good.

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