Medibank, Facebook, and Thought Police helped Australians Sleep Better at the precise time it was needed most.

Australia was deep in Covid lockdowns, and as much as those strict measures were protecting our health from the virus, the unknowns and isolation were having a profound effect on Australia’s mental health. 

Medibank had just launched its “Live better” brand platform. 

Medibank’s in-house Brand Marketing and PR teams engaged us to host creative sprints with their internal marketing and PR teams to explore the many triggers and cultural tensions that were barriers to Australia’s well-being at that time.

The process involved isolating the cultural truths and tensions of that moment (The brief) while also collecting the existing programs, products, and partnerships already within Medibank. And creating a scarcity of options, forcing a need to “think inside the box” to find a resourceful and relevant solution.

Australia was losing sleep over the stressors of lockdowns, working from home, homeschooling, and the unknowns of when it might end.

Our platform took shape with the line:

When you sleep better, you live better and many aspects of your health improve too.

To execute this campaign, our sprint continued and we connected the dots on the resources Medibank already had on hand.

We engaged existing Medibank spokesperson and sleep and health expert Dr Micheal Mosley, and drew on relationships with Smiling Mind meditation, retail partners, and the resources of Facebook Creative Studio to put this idea in front of the right audience at the right time. Not to mention the talents of Medibanks in-house creative, production and PR talents and partners who brought this idea to life under the Thought Police’s creative direction.

Brand Manager: Kirsten Smart, Brand Marketing Lead: Sam Ayre, Brand Marketing PR: Specialist Genevieve Kerin, Facebook Creative Specialist Dan Walton, and Commoner Productions.

Our  “Sleep Better. Live Better”  campaign launched with social media sleep surveys that fed back into PR.

To create a campaign moment, Dr Micheal did a “How to Sleep Better”  Facebook live event in the middle of the Australian night. The precise time sleepless Australians needed it most. Which generated PR headlines, a second wave of video content we used as Facebook ads, and extended the campaign over a 4-week period.

Results: The campaign reached 3 million Australians and achieved a huge 5.0 pts lift was observed in Campaign Awareness of Sleep Better. This is 3.2 pts above the insurance vertical benchmark (Source: Facebook).

A great result for a brand platform that was reverse-engineered using the tensions of the time and the internal programs and talents within the business to bring about a wellness education program that helped Australians “Sleep Better” at the time they needed it most.

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