The Thought Police is a Melbourne based creative consultancy run by Ben Keenan.

Ben is an award winning multidisciplinary creative director who makes things out of culture and technology.

He has led the digital and social creative offering at some of the worlds biggest advertising networks including Clemenger BBDO and M&C Saatchi. He’s also a passionate teacher who has been head of the prestigious AWARD School of creative thinking, and a regular speaker/lecturer on creativity and emerging technology.

The Thought Police started almost by accident in 2010. After leading the creative direction on a technology project, Ben was asked back by the client to explain his process, he did, and has been doing it ever since. More about how these workshops evolved here.

As The Thought Police, Ben teaches workshops on practical creativity, engaging on digital and social media, and collaboration on Fridays via appointment.

Organisations who have called in The Thought Police:

WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature), General Assembly, Fairfax Media, World Vision, Hachette Publishing, Intrepid Travel, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne University, The Communications Council of Australia, The Victorian Department of Transportation.


STORIES THAT SPREAD: How to create strategic and effective social media content and conversations.

In a one-day workshop we’ll unpack and analyse the building blocks of successful online campaigns and communications. But we won’t stop there, we’ll put these strategies to work to solve a live business brief of your choosing.

• Getting your head around social.

• How to stay relevant.

• Why you need to think small and not big.

• How to generate useful, original, and feasible ideas on new and emerging platforms.

• How to be active, not passive, in your search for insights.

• How to write headlines that work.

• What Buzzfeed & Upworthy can teach us about getting an unfair amount of attention.

• Writing copy vs writing content.

• Resources that will allow you to build on your knowledge from the workshop


Workshops are available by appointment on select Fridays in Melbourne & Sydney.

Contact Ben via this form, via Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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