How to see things others don’t

My name is Ben Keenan, I am an agency interactive creative director and copywriter.

In a one day workshop I teach the art of digging out what’s unique about your offering, and expressing it in a way that can’t be ignored. It’s not easy, but it is a craft that can be learnt and applied to your pitches, PR, releases, emails, blogs and social feeds.

This workshop is split into two parts:

How to see things others don’t: You’ll learn how to unearth truths, customer insights, and cultural tensions to build stories about your business and why it matters.

How to say it in a way that can’t be ignored: We’ll dissect the effective, and surprisingly old-school copywriting approaches the likes of Buzzfeed and UpWorthy have borrowed to build their content empires. We’ll then apply these approaches to your own marketing.

Organisations who have called in The Thought Police:
WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature), Fairfax Media, World Vision, Hachette Publishing, Intrepid Travel, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne University, The Communications Council of Australia, The Victorian Department of Transportation, Intrepid Travel.

“See him. And listen closely. Ben gets it. Even more rarely, he shares it beautifully. If only there were more Bens to go round”.
Nicky Robinson, Corporate Communications Manager WWF Australia.

“I just presented my first completely ‘post-workshop’ set of concepts to my CD and the difference was astounding. So thank you not only for the digital insights but the more procedural adland insights as well”.
Rebecca Sloan, Editorial Copywriter, Sense Creative Agency.

“I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in getting a better understanding of how to make a bit of noise in the big wide world of digital and social”.
Lior Albeck-Ripka, Marketing Communications Manager, Sherpa Systems.

Contact me to find out more.

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